Live your off-road experience to the fullest with OFF-R: the new entry in the Vmoto family dirt bike designed for your enjoyment.

Take an unbeaten road and

give gas

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Icon max speed


Max speed

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72V48AH battery autonomy

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72V32AH battery autonomy

Ready for new challenges

OFF-R is ecstatically light and sharp and offers a very instinctive riding habitat. The front fender line is molded in the shape of small “wings” that, in wet conditions, discharge and deflect dirt and mud away from the radiators and the rider.

High-travel suspension

The rear suspension allows for the best possible dempening of potholes and stones, the engine cover protects the body of the bick from blows and debris, and the low weight allows it to be used even by young riders.

A dirt bike without competitors

Die-cast aluminium frame and swingarm, motocross-derived components and ergonomics that ensure maximum control of the vehicle for safe riding pleasure. Fresh, cool and youthfull design.

Saddle up!

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